Some of the most common property claims can also be the most challenging. Loss Solutions Group assembled the most diverse group of subject matter experts in the industry. Not every claim requires a site inspection, and often the client simply needs a quick expert review to advance the claims process.

Approximately 80% of the claims we assist with can be handled as cost-effective desk reviews. We accomplish this by working with the insured and their vendor, jointly discussing troubleshooting and diagnostic testing, repair efforts, as well as repair and replacement options. We also have relationships with vendors nationwide who can provide alternate/competitive quotations to aid insureds’ recovery. Our goal is to ensure that the best path to pre-loss condition is being prescribed at a fair and reasonable cost.

Loss Solutions Group offers FREE telephone consultations, after which the client can solicit a simple, low-cost desk analysis, or as required, a more comprehensive review. Your Loss Solutions Group expert will advise you of the most cost-effective path to achieve your goals.

Physical site inspections are also available if the circumstances require such.